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Sublimation is a popular process for creating custom shirts and promotional products. In this process, an image is printed on a special transfer paper that is then heated and melded to the materials. Little House Tee's in Amarillo, TX uses sublimation prints to provide a final product that won't fade or flake off. Whether you want a shirt with your logo or a beautiful picture of your furry best friend, we'll create it for it.

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Learn more about sublimation printing work

Are you interested in sublimation prints? For sublimation shirts:

  • The shirt must be 65% polyester or higher
  • The print colors must be darker than the shirt itself
  • Any white space in the image will be the same color as the shirt

Whatever image you have in mind, we can turn it into a design for you. Speak with our owner today if you're interested in ordering sublimation shirts.